Kyrgyz National University

Innovation laboratory of Kyrgyz National University is a new and innovative structure, which unites the university with enterprises. It is as a bridge based on innovative way of development, between university and private companies.

In facts, there is no any cooperation and any relationships between “academic world” and “business world”. This problem is due to old education system (some teachers never change the course contents during 10 years, even continue by USSR education technologies), and after university recently unqualified students don’t accepted by “business world”. Because business and enterprises work already more than 16 years under free international-national competitive market system, where the rules of economic activities are totally new for non-experimented students. And the objective of our Innolab is to relate this two different “worlds”, to connect them, for mutual benefit. The connection lines between this two “worlds” will be innovative researching made generally by grand participation of students, who will analyse and evaluate a business activity (problem and solution), which will open them future possibilities to get in the “business world” more easily.

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